5 Amazing Habits to Adapt to become a Successful Sales Person…

There was a time where sales were not that difficult because of lesser competition, Right now in this competitive world, only 5% of efficient and talented salesperson wins the race, achieve the target and fulfill his dreams.

With 18 years of vast experience, I have written down 5 amazing habits to adapt and follow to become a successful salesperson,

Ability to Listen

A good salesperson is always a good listener. Active listening is an essential skill to possess when seeking to build mutually beneficial relationships with prospects.

Because in the end, successful sales numbers are the result of effective information gathering. Those who know more about their potential client always win the deal.


According to Harvard business review, empathy is the most critical ingredient for a successful salesperson. Not only do you have to understand someone else’s reality, but you have to be able to transpose yourself into it, leaving behind your own attitudes and biases to see the world from their perspective.


Wanting to win is a lot like hoping to win. It isn’t action-oriented. It doesn’t mean that you’ll move Heaven and Earth to win the deal. Competitiveness borders on “having to win.” Even the most competitive salesperson won’t win every deal. But they will try like Hell. And they will keep trying.

At the end of the day, it’s not simply about wanting to win…it’s about your passion, conviction, and confidence in yourself to be successful.


Confidence is the magic ingredient in managing objections. It is the ability to enter a room and sell your product to anyone there with ease. The person who speaks about something with such passion and conviction, turns everyone around them into believers.


50% of the sales happen only through Enthusiasm expressed by the salesperson. You should be balanced not to be over-excited or being too low.

To sell really well, it helps to be enthusiastic about your company, your products, your team, and what you stand for. If you can get that right there is no stopping you then.

There’s not one single way to become a good salesperson, but the habits mentioned above are essential to providing a positive sales experience to your customers. Having passion, knowledge, self-determination, and adaptability can take you from an average sales rep to a high-performing success story.

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