11 Advantages of Using a Sales Outsourcing Company
Inside Sales as a Service, Customer Loyalty and Retention, Customer Acquisition, and Customer Acquisition by Judi Hand, Executive Vice President, Chief Revenue Officer
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What does it mean to outsource your sales? By employing additional salespeople through an outsourced arrangement, you can take advantage of hitherto unexplored potential in sales.

Outsourcing sales is a proven solution for businesses to swiftly and successfully grow revenue at a time when scalability, speed, and focus are critical. Using skilled salespeople and other professionals, sales outsourcing allows businesses to capitalise on previously untapped opportunities. Working with forward-thinking partners and experts also allows organisations to take advantage of the latest outsourcing trends, such as increased cyber security measures, the use of predictive models to gain market share, cost efficiencies, developing short- and long-term digital transformation strategies, and partnering with companies that share the same values.

Benefits of outsourcing sales infographic

Some of the advantages of outsourcing sales are illustrated in the infographic to the right. According to studies, many sales professionals (37 percent, or nearly two out of five) fail to meet their quotas in a traditional sales team. Companies who use sales outsourcing services, on the other hand, believe they have been able to scale faster as a result of their use. Similarly, 78 percent of decision-makers have scheduled or attended an event as a result of an email or cold call. This is a perfect example of why sales prospecting should be outsourced. A highly specialised inside sales staff, with a sales outsourcing industry, product, or region specific concentration, can give far more comprehensive outreach than a firm could hope to achieve on its own. Furthermore, sales operations outsourcing includes more than simply the sales team, since it also includes technical infrastructure and knowledge, notably in the field of sales.

What outsourcing sales can do for your company

Buyers now have more information than ever before. Knowledgeable salespeople can help cut through the clutter, answer potential clients’ queries, and assist them through the buying process.

Furthermore, many sales companies struggle to enhance lead generation, improve qualified lead conversion rates, and shorten lengthy sales cycles. These limits, along with a lack of product or vertical industry expertise within the sales organisation, hampered overall sales execution. According to CSO Insights, nearly two out of every five sales reps (37%) fail to meet their quotas. While there are a variety of reasons for these issues, the bottom line is that an outsourced workforce can help improve operational and business outcomes.

There are 11 key ways that sales outsourcing can help you alter your firm, according to our experience. In this article, we outline the 11 benefits of outsourcing sales, the importance of creating a clear sales roadmap to achieve your sales goals.

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